“South of the Border” College Parties


Why are “South of the Border” parties becoming popular on college campuses?  This CNN report focuses on two “South of the Border” parties at University of Delaware and Santa Clara University(California).  This report mentions campus segregation between whites and Latinos as being one factor. For many of these party-goers who wore sombreros, Pedro t-shirts, and cholo gear, they probably got these stereotypical images from Hollywood movies and television shows. Or they could have stopped at the “South of the Border” amusement park in South Carolina. I wonder if these party-goers had a Latino or Latina friend or had taken a Latino Studies course they would have taught twice before “becoming Mexican for a Day.”


About josemalamillo

Professor of Chicano/a Studies California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA
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2 Responses to “South of the Border” College Parties

  1. Noe Valdovinos says:

    Alamillo, i though the video was pretty fucked up, that would be like another nationality dressing up as the stereotype white trash trailer park immigrants that made it to the U.S. from Europe who were not successful and are living off of welfare. if the University of Delaware has only a 4% undergraduate latino population why would white students feel the need to descriminate even more. and about the white student who took part in the Cinco De Mayo Latino Student event, Apologies are not worth anything to them or to some Mexican Americans like me, the word “Sorry” is used so much in the U.S. that it has lost its true meaning of being sorry for something that can cause another person mental damage for the rest of their lives.

  2. Oscar Rosales Castaneda says:

    Wow, this actually doesn’t surprise me at all. It is a quite obvious example of institutionalized racism in its most elemental form. The appropriation of intensely negative stereotypes by privileged students in an institution of higher education, the progenitor of many or our supposed ‘future leaders.’

    Is there any wonder this form of racism is very much alive? It’s fostered at an early stage by the most regressive of student institutions. No surprise this is a prominent ‘Greek’ phenomenon, many traditional groups are set in place to preserve all semblences of the status quo, regardless of how backward, racist and xenophobic the present order is.

    My analysis is that they are more prevalent because of the fact that ‘Raza’ is more visiually distinct in the collective imagination than before. And of course, the media representation of our many ethnic and national groups is skewed by the media who often represent us in an unflattering, exotified lens that further perpetuate these backward stereotypes.

    In addition to exotification and the general consensus that ‘it is okay’ to throw these because of lack of visual representation at the university, I also attribute the power dynamic present with many of these groups merely getting slaps on the wrist for these offensive displays of ignorance.

    My suggestion of course, since I believe in more than just talking smack about the issues, is to organize. Whatever needs to be done, whether shaming administration, conducting sit-ins, writing op-ed pieces, perhaps a strike or boycott here and there to make administration move quickly…of course, different tactics for different situations…and I’m just rambling now…my bad Jose…thanks for bringing this up though.

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