About: Jose

José M. Alamillo is Professor of Chicano/a Studies at California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA. His research focuses on Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans use of culture, sports, parks and leisure to build community solidarity and to advance politically and economically in the United States.  His books include Latinos in U.S. Sport:  A History of Isolation, Cultural Identity and Acceptance, and Making Lemonade out of Lemons:  Mexican American Labor and Leisure in a California Town, 1880-1960.  He teaches courses in Latino/a Studies, U.S. Immigration, Oral History, Race and Gender in Sports.


1 Response to About: Jose

  1. Cruzzer says:

    I found your blog via my search for Dr. Jose Moreno, we were working on a book together on the ongoing Student Chicano movment in Arizona butl he left Arizona.

    Anyways he was someone I’d often look for to talk Chicano/a philosphy, I stumbled on your site, since you have his book listed for your class criteria. I like you require your students to sign up for CASHE, I been to Cashe a couple times. I like your blogs, they give some insightful information, not just pandering to what everyone wants to hear. I wish you the best with rhis operation!

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